Q&A of Me ~

Who are you?  I'm Isabella. You can call me Izzie.
Where are you from? I'm from England.
What music do you listen to? I like Evanescence, Metallica, MCR, Green Day, Paramore, etc. I'm into a lot of rock, though I do like a bit of pop aswell.
What would you describe your style as? My style is more dark colours. I don't like much colours although I like to add a small splash to my outfit. I'd describe my style punk with a twist. Maybe even a bit of goth.
Goth!? Yep!
How old are you? I'm thirteen at the moment.
What are your hobbies? I like reading, drama, art and drawing.
Who inspires you? I am inspired by a lot of fashion designers, but I was inspired to do the blog by Tavi Gevinson.
Where is your dream place? I'd love to go to america.